Galatians: A Different Gospel?

Teacher: Blake Dozier
Small Group Leaders: Zenny Balleza, Molly Harless, Blake & Brianna Dozier

Main Point(s):

  • The churches in Galatia didn’t disagree on the facts of the gospel (the death, burial, resurrection, or identity of Jesus Christ) but they were still pursuing a ‘different gospel’.
  • They didn’t mess up the facts, just the application of the gospel.
  • We are also at risk of getting off track in our application of the gospel.

Scripture Reference(s):

Suggested Discussion Question(s):

  1. What are some ways that you have witnessed people getting off-track in their application of the gospel?
  2. In what areas do you think you are most susceptible to this happening? Why?
  3. How do we stay true to both the facts and the application of the gospel? [THE BIBLE]

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