Galatians: The adoptive gospel

Teacher: Blake Dozier
Small Group Leaders: Zenny Balleza, Molly Harless, Blake & Brianna Dozier

Main Point(s):

  • You are no longer a slave, YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD.

Scripture Reference(s):

Suggested Discussion Question(s):

  1. When Paul talks about being ‘adopted as sons’ of God, what exactly does this mean?
  2. Paul talked about slavery to the elemental things of this world.  In what ways is a non-Christian enslaved?
  3. The Galatians were drifting away from God and back toward slavery.  Does this ‘drifting’ happen today? Why and how can we prevent it?
  4. Paul was perplexed by the actions of the Galatians.  How do you think Paul would feel about us?

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