Galatians: The requirements of the gospel

Teacher: Blake Dozier
Small Group Leaders: Zenny Balleza, Molly Harless, Blake & Brianna Dozier

Main Point(s):

  • The gospel was from God, not man.
  • Even the apostle Peter stood to be corrected by the truth of the gospel.
  • We must be careful that the requirements we lay on people are in line with God’s requirements.  Scripture guides us in this.

Scripture Reference(s):

Suggested Discussion Question(s):

  1. What was at least one requirement that the Judaizing teachers where laying on these new Christians in Galatia? [circumcision]
  2. Knowing what you know about the OT law and circumcision, why do you think these things were so important to them? [tradition, it set them apart, it gave them something tangible to do, etc]
  3. Colossians talks about baptism being the new circumcision of Christ. What are some similarities and differences between the two?

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