Galatians: The truth of the gospel

Teacher: Blake Dozier
Small Group Leaders: Zenny Balleza, Molly Harless, Blake & Brianna Dozier

Main Point(s):

  • The gospel taught by Paul came from God NOT from men.
  • God has always used unlikely people to accomplish his purpose.
  • If God can use Paul, he can use YOU.

Scripture Reference(s):

Suggested Discussion Question(s):

  1. What do you think it would feel like to be a first-century Christian and hear that Saul was preaching the gospel?
  2. How does God’s choice of characters in the grand narrative of the gospel (the bible as a whole) testify to the truth of the message? [God has always used the most unlikely people to accomplish his purpose]
  3. It’s human nature to focus on our faults.  What are some ways we can move past our failures and shortcomings and allow God to work powerfully in our lives?

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